Oddball's Haunted Halloween Hullabaloo- Fri. Oct. 31 - 8PM

Oddball Films presents Oddball's Haunted Halloween Hullabaloo, a special Halloween program of haunting ephemeral films with dancing ghosts, satanic stripteases, creepy cartoons, ghostly educational films, murderous musical numbers, terrifying trailers and more spooktacular cinema. Ichabod Crane faces off against a faceless undead monster in the much beloved Di$ney classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949). Betty Boop heads down to Hell and melts the king of the underworld with her icy stares in the jazzy Fleischer Brothers' cartoon Red Hot Mamma (1934). Burlesque queen Betty Dolan dances with the Devil in the sizzling Satantease (1950s). Spencer Tracy imagines an afterlife of tormented but beautiful writhing hordes in an infernal excerpt of Dante's Inferno (1935). Gracie Barrie sings about justifiable homicide in the killer soundie Stone Cold Dead in the Market (1946). One young boy speaks to a restless teen spirit and learns valuable lessons in bus safety in the educational shock film Ghost Rider (1982). Joseph Cotton narrates a loving overview of how to kill some of the silver screen's most horrific creatures in an excerpt of Monsters We Have Known and Loved (1964).  With a rockin' musical break, featuring some interpretive-dancing spectres in an Old-West ghost town from John Byner's Something Else (1970). Plus a cemetery-full of Horror Trailers, campy educational primer Halloween Safety (1985) for the early ghouls, sweet treats and more satanic surprises, haunt on down to Oddball and get your Halloween started right!

Date: Friday, October 31st, 2014 at 8:00pm
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to RSVP@oddballfilm.com or (415) 558-8117

Trance Cinema: The Power of Possession - Thurs. Oct. 30 - 8PM

Oddball Films presents Trance Cinema: The Power of PossessionDrawing on rare ethnographic, documentary and experimental acquisitions from the archives; this program showcases powerful healing ceremonies, ceremonial dances and ritualized trance states from around the world. Films include Holy Ghost People (1967), San Franciscan Peter Adair’s (“The Word is Out”) legendary cinema verite documentary about Pentecostal snake handlers in rural West Virginia; Ma’Bugi: Trance of the Toraja (1973) a dazzling supernatural healing rite involving trance states and the ascent of a ladder of knives, shot in Indonesia; The Plains Indians: Sundance Ceremony (1947), documenting a powerful American Indian tribal ceremony and Buck Dancer (1965), a rare, mesmerizing musical short shot in rural Mississippi by famed ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax. Transport yourself into ecstatic and altered states of being all while sitting down.

Date: Thursday, October 30th, 2014 at 8:00pm

Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco

Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to RSVP@oddballfilm.com or (415) 558-8117

Web: http://oddballfilms.blogspot.com

Learn Your Lesson from Di$ney: An Animated Shockucation - Fri. Nov. 7th - 8PM

Oddball Films and curator Kat Shuchter present Learn Your Lesson from Di$ney: An Animated Shockucation, the 21st in a monthly series of programs highlighting the most ridiculous, insane and camptastic shockucational films and TV specials of the collection. While obviously more well known for their animated features, Di$ney (as Walt Di$ney Educational Media) has been making educational primers since the 1940s with audacious subject matter like menstruation, venereal diseases, child-molestation, drug abuse and more.  This program features the high and lowlights of Di$ney's educational side. Always the trailblazers, the dreamily animated The Story of Menstruation (1945) is reported to be the first film to use the word "vagina" in its screenplay.  In VD Attack Plan (1973), a cartoon syphilitic sergeant directs his VD troops into battle against ignorant humans. Donald Du©k helps us learn how we can help in the war effort in the WWII propaganda short The Spirit of '43 (1943). Learn all about growing up, from an animated embryonic cycle to adolescent pimples in the zippy musical short Steps Towards Maturity and Growth (1969). From the same series, we learn about The Social Side of Health (1969), including an animated drug trip and more zippy songs. Their entries into musical education include some of the most stunning animated shorts of the collection including the Oscar-winning Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom (1953) and the overview of 20th century music: Symposium on Popular Songs (1962) which includes the cutest dancing rutabagas you've ever seen as well as a mix of cell, cut-out and stop-motion animation.  Learn about the imaginary future of car travel in a stunning excerpt of Magic Highway USA (1958). It's a magical night to learn your lesson! 

Date: Friday, November 7th, 2014 at 8:00pm
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to RSVP@oddballfilm.com or (415) 558-8117
Web: http://oddballfilms.blogspot.com 

Automania 2000: Vintage Cars on Film - Thurs. Nov. 6th - 8PM

Oddball Films presents Automania 2000:  Vintage Cars on Film, a night of awesome automobiles from the 1950s-1980s dug out of the Oddball Archive. This high-octane 16mm program features midget car racing, mid-century automotive animation, kitschy promotional and scare films, vintage car shows and commercials all highlighting that magic machine on four wheels; the automobile. Behold the beauty of the "newest" line of Chevy sedans in the stylish promotional film The Rainbow is Yours (1951) from Jam Handy. Get in on some midget car racing with the "phantom racer" in Bullet on Wheels (1951). Halas and Batchelor studio brings us an animated vision of a future so obsessed with cars, they begin to take over the whole world in Automania 2000 (1963). The Car of Your Dreams (1984) chronicles car commercials from their inception to the 1980s in a fast-paced, thought provoking, and eye-popping montage of hundreds of ads.  The National Film Board of Canada brings us a martian's point of view of our auto-obsessed world in the witty cartoon What in the World? (1964). Learn all about the importance of seat belts when dolls go flying through the front windshield in the ridiculous scare film Safety Belt for Susie (1962). Plus, get a taste of some homegrown auto-worship with the Kodachrome time capsule San Francisco Excelsior: Low Rider Car Show (1965).  Plus more surprises and 1960s auto-show footage for the early birds to enjoy, put the pedal to the metal and speed on down to Oddball! 
Date: Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at 8:00pm
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to RSVP@oddballfilm.com or (415) 558-8117
Web: http://oddballfilms.blogspot.com

Cinema Soiree Series

Oddball Films presents the Cinema Soiree Series, an upcoming monthly soiree featuring visiting authors, filmmakers and curators presenting and sharing cinema insights.  Join us for screenings and eye-opening discussions on a wide-range of celluloid subjects.

Jim Morton on East German Cinema - Thursday, September 18th

Richie Unterberger on Eccentric Visionaries of '60s Rock - Thursday, October 23rd

John Turner on Outsider Artists and Korla Pandit - Thursday, November 20th

Laurel Braitman on Animal Madness - Thursday, December 4th

Strange Sinema 81: Time, Space and Movement - Fri. Oct. 24 - 8 PM

Oddball Films presents Strange Sinema 81: Time, Space and Movement, a monthly screening of new finds, old gems and offbeat oddities from the archive. Drawing on his collection of over 50,000 16mm film prints, Oddball Films director Stephen Parr has compiled his 81st program of classic, strange, offbeat and unusual films. This eye-popping program explores the themes of Time, Space and Movement (the representational essence of film). By slowing and accelerating time, compressing and distorting space (and distance), arresting and suggesting movement, these filmmakers explode the boundaries of conventional film, inducing a meditative, trance-inducing and in some cases a near-epileptic response in the viewer.  Films include: Spacy (1981), a stunning, hypnotic experimental short by Japanese avant garde maestro Takashi Ito; USA Film (1977) a single framed drive across the USA in 17 minutes; Allegro Ma Troppo (1963), the astonishingly beautiful ode to Paris; The Story of Time (1949), a beautiful and surreal stop-motion film about time sponsored by Rolex; Passion (1961) A hip, stylish and stunning puppet animation about a dare-devil boy who speeds his bicycle past the girls, eventually graduating to hot rods and motorcycles getting into more and more dangerous situations; Cosmic Zoom (1968), this short animation that transports us from the farthest conceivable point of the universe to the tiniest particle of existence; Rendezvous(1976), Claude Lelouche’s brilliant, high-speed drive across Paris via sports car (an oddball favorite!); Fantasy (1975), a hallucinatory handmade animated film from San Francisco animation legend Vince Collins evokes his mind-blowing brand of surrealist psychedelia; and The Wizard of Speed and Time (1979), a hilarious/ridiculous short by Mike Jitlov (the original short, later turned into a feature film) and more strange surprises!

Date: Friday, October 24th, 2014 at 8:00pm

Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to RSVP@oddballfilm.com or (415) 558-8117
Web: http://oddballfilms.blogspot.com

Cinema Soiree with Richie Unterberger on Eccentric Visionaries of '60s Rock - Thurs. Oct. 23 - 8PM

Oddball Films welcomes Author and Musicologist Richie Unterberger for our Cinema Soiree Series, a monthly soiree featuring visiting authors, filmmakers and curators presenting and sharing cinema insights. To mark the publication of the expanded ebook version of his book Urban Spacemen & Wayfaring Strangers: Overlooked Innovators & Eccentric Visionaries of '60s Rock, Unterberger will present clips of a dozen or so of the artists featured in the book.

Over the course of several years in the mid-to-late 1960s, rock music changed more quickly and unpredictably than it did in any other time in history. With so many artists competing for attention, it was inevitable that many innovators got lost in the shuffle or at least did not get the recognition they deserved, especially those who were boldy and experimentally fusing rock, blues, psychedelia, classical music, comedy, the theater, and more. Lost British Invaders, psychedelic pioneers, rock funnymen, blue-eyed soulsters, overlooked folk-rockers, behind-the-scenes producers -- all find a home as part of Urban Spacemen & Wayfaring Strangers, for which Unterberger drew on first-hand interview material with the artists and their associates. He'll talk about both the artists and the footage he presents between the clips.

The event will include footage of "the god of hell-fire," Arthur Brown; the Pretty Things, the best British Invasion band never to invade the United States; UK comedy rockers the Bonzo Dog Band; psych-garage oddballs the Electric Prunes; San Francisco's own Beau Brummels, the first American band to successfully answer the British Invasion; Bobby Fuller, who successfully channeled the best of Buddy Holly before meeting his own premature end; Thee Midniters, the best Latino rock band of the '60s; and pioneering folk-rockers Tim Buckley and Richard & Mimi FariƱa. Signed copies of Unterberger's books will be available for purchase at a discount.

Date: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 at 8:00pm
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to RSVP@oddballfilm.com or (415) 558-8117
Web: http://oddballfilms.blogspot.com

Home Movie Day - Sat. Oct. 18

The San Francisco Media Archive and Oddball Films would like to welcome you to Home Movie Day in conjunction with the 12th Annual Worldwide Home Movie Day.  Members of the public are invited to submit their home movies. Bring your films: 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, and even Beta and VHS home movies to SFMA where they will be inspected and viewed by HMD projectionists.  Following the clinic, we'll be having a free screening of Vintage  Home Movies. Films include Welcome San Francisco Movie Makers (1960); Italian-American Families in San Francisco (from Cresci-Tarantino collection); Blackie the Wonder Horse Swims the Golden Gate (1938); Chinese-American Communities in San FranciscoSan Francisco in Cinemascope (1961); the amateur films of Lloyd Sullivan: From Here to Profanity and Flight to Fantasy (1960); Chinese-American Communities in San Francisco (1941); The Jung Family Home Movies (1950s); and Tani Family Wedding Highlights (1959). So bring your own family treasures for a celebration of amateur filmmaking and home movie preservation. 

"There's no such thing as a bad home movie. These mini-underground opuses are revealing, scary, joyous, always flawed, filled with accidental art and shout out from attics and closets all over the world to be seen again. Home Movie Day is an orgy of self-discovery, a chance for family memories to suddenly become show business. If you've got one, whip it out and show it now."
-- John Waters

Date: Saturday, October 18th, 2014 Screening at 8:00PM, Home Movie Clinic 6-8 or by appointment.
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street, San Francisco 94110
Submissions: Submissions are being accepted until October 17th at SFMA from 10-5PM . No submissions necessary to attend.
For More Info: 415-558-8117 or info@oddballfilm.com
Web: http://www.centerforhomemovies.org/hmd/ 

Home Movie Day Promo 2014 from Center for Home Movies on Vimeo.