Strange Sinema 60 - The 5 Year Anniversary Spectacular! - Thu. Jan 24 - 8PM

Oddball Films presents Strange Sinema 60 - The 5 Year Anniversary Spectacular! for its monthly screening of offbeat films, old gems and newly discovered oddities both entertaining, experimental and eye-opening, all culled from Oddball Films 50,000 film archive. This greatest hits film fest includes The Cat Who Drank an Used Too Much  (1987), an Oddball audience favorite about a beer drinking, drug addicted cat, Match Your Mood, a mind-bending advertisement for psychedelic 60's refrigerator covers, Le Monde Du Schizophrene (The World of the Schizophrenic, 1969) A super-surreal, Salvador Dali-like film produced by the Sandoz Pharmaceuticals (Makers of drugs as LSD), Airplane Wing Tests (1960s) sublime aviation film depicting airplane wing tests with a score by Bill Frisell, Help My Snowman is Burning Down (1964) Carson Davison’s award-winning beatnik rhapsody with jazz score by the Gerry Mulligan Quartet, The Great Saw Came Nearer and Nearer (1944) a sexist and comedic Soundie featuring Cindy Walker getting terrorized by a beau who will saw her in half unless she marries him!,  Toot, Whistle, Plunk, Boom (1953), another “beatnik” influenced Academy Award winning short in stunning Technicolor, Green Spot Soda Outtakes (1960s) Soda factory outtakes from the makers of Thai soda pop-watch the bottles fill!, Movie Sideshow (1933), a compendium of human marvels-a man frozen in a block of ice, a human fire extinguisher, a bathtub towing blimp and the strangest wives in captivity!

Plus! free refreshments and double screen burlesque surprises!

Date: Thursday, January 24th, 2013 at 8:00PM
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street, San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 RSVP (Limited seating) to or 415.558.8117.


The Cat Who Drank and Used Too Much (Color, 1987)
Wacky anti-drug film about alcohol and drug using Pat the Cat. He hits the skids before finally reaching out for help - another Oddball Films audience favorite! Narrated by Julie Harris and winner of 24 major awards!

Toot, Whistle, Plunk, Boom (Color, 1953)
This Academy Award winner is in stunning Technicolor and a “beatnik” classic of mid-century animated design. It’s been ranked one of the top 50 greatest animated films of all time.

Match Your Mood (Color, 1968)
Wild, amazing promotional film by Westinghouse touts the latest fad: decorative pop art/psychedelic refrigerator covers.  Transforms any kitchen into a swinging go-go party!  

The Great Saw Came Nearer and Nearer (B+W, 1944) 
This musical (and sexist comedy) Soundie (jukebox film) features s Cindy Walker as a girl terrorized by her beau with a buzz saw unless she marries him! Laughably awful!

Help, My Snowman’s Burning Down (Color, 1964) 
This Academy award-nominated short (and winner of 14 international awards) by Carson Davidson stars Bob Larkin (later in the cult film Putney Swope) as a Beatnik who lives on a boat dock off Manhattan with only bathroom furnishings.  A visceral tapestry woven together by stop motion and surreal special effects, this film is an Oddball audience favorite.  With original jazz score by the Gerry Mulligan Quartet. An Oddball favorite!

Le Monde Du Schizophrene (The World of the Schizophrenic)
(Color, 1969) A surreal, Salvador Dali like film produced by the Sandoz Pharmaceutical Company (Makers of such drugs as LSD) in Switzerland. “The World of the Schizophrenic” portrays one afternoon in the life of a hunky schizophrenic as he wanders about his bedroom and strolls outside hallucinating to the sounds of a Harry Partch like avant garde sound score. Truly hallucinogenic in it’s depiction of the Schizophrenic state.

Airplane Wing Tests (1960s) 
DC8 N9604Z Flight 45, Heavyweight Small, 275,000 Lbs @ 22.4 %, SF = 15 degree, Thrust = Take-Off Power. A poetic and sublime aviation film depicting airplane wing tests. Screened at the infamous “That’s Undertainment” film program in 2010 at the Anthology Film Archives in NYC. Music by Bill Frisell.
Green Spot Soda Outtakes  
(Color, 1960s) 
Who else but Oddball Films would be fascinated by Green Spot Soda manufacturing outtakes? The company began in 1934 in the US and moved to Thailand (Wha?) 20 years later and continues to thrive in Venezuela and in Asia. They even have a Wiki! Watch the bottles fill!

Movie Sideshow (B+W, 1933)
An offbeat kaleidoscope of human marvels featuring a carnival barker, newsreel clips of a man sealed into sealed into a block of ice, and a "human fire extinguisher" who drinks water, and kerosene, starts fires and puts one out. Follow the   "Strangest Wives in Captivity," stunts involving husband-wife teams in gymnastics whips and rifles.  Watch "The Air Carnival" where a man uses a Goodyear blimp to tow his bathtub while bathing and witness a wacky cliff-diving parachutist. This is what people did before television!

Satan-Tease  (B+W, 1955)
Burlesque queen Betty Dolan brings new meaning to the phrase dancing with the devil. Cleverly costumed, Miss Dolan's right hand is the hand of the devil and she can't stop it from trying to get to third base. Strange and erotic on many different levels, it must be seen to be believed!