Ladyfest Bay Area presents Settle Down and Image This - Thur. Sep. 12 - 8PM

Oddball Films and Ladyfest Bay Area present Settle Down and Image This, a program curated by Christine Kwon. What is the code of conduct for women at home and abroad? And how are these rules of behavior imagined on film? Settle Down and Image This is a tongue-in-cheek program that seeks to shift viewers uncomfortably in their seats. Ambiguous, funny and at times precariously satirical, the program prods at the contradictions and complications of how we understand a woman's place and space. What values are assigned as strength, what do we consider antiquated behavior, and how does class, ethnicity, and tradition play into our celebrations and condemnations? The program pairs contemporary music with Oddball's rare and eclectic 16mm film collection. Featuring Commercials from the 60s and 70s so bizarre you won't believe they're real; Lipstick and Dynamite, footage from a 1949 women's wrestling match; Noisy Nancy Norris(1967), a spirited story-book reading by a young Shirley MacLaine; and segments from Black Panther Liberation School (1969), showcasing protests following the killing of Bobby Hutton and young children as students of the social movement; along with Vintage Home Movies (1950s-60s), Educational Primers and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth (1950).

Date: Thursday, September 12th, 2013 at 8:00pm

Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco

Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to or (415) 558-8117



Product Commercials (1960-70, Color)
Did you know they had hair conditioner in the Victorian Age? Or that Americans can learn how to seduce using a foreigner's fragrance? Neither did we. Take a peak into the wacky world of product commercials from the 60's and 70s  and see what swayed your parents into buying their everyday goods.

Lipstick & Dynamite (1949, B&W)
Furious femmes in an all-out she-brawl! Sensitive portrayal of a premier woman's sporting event! Which is it? Come see and decide for yourself as Mildred Burke and Mae Weston contend for the women's wrestling championship of the world.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth (1950, B&W)
Love, twoo love. Twogetha. Foweva. Witness how royalty ties the knot in rare historical footage of Queen Elizabeth and King George take the throne.

Noisy Nancy Norris (1967, Color)
Member the good ole days when you'd just sit and listen to someone read you a story? And what if that person was a young Shirley MacLaine? A highly entertaining read about a little girl who can't stop making noise, and the neighbors who tried to shut her up. 

Afghanistan Home Movies (1967, Color)
Road, city, village, people. A mesmerizing home movie of Afghanistan from the 1960s, climaxing in a horse race in the desert.

Dear Home Movies (1950s, Color)
Cowgirls are raised, not born. Or so it seems in this montage of young, blue eyed American gals taking a ride on their first ponies.

Mature Readers (1964, Color)
An instructor teaches his teenage students how to be “mature readers,” and my how they're coming along so well!
The Rainbow is Yours (1950, Color)
See the real-life Mad Men in this portrayal of vibrant young couples in America's innocence age, i.e. consumer age, as “Mr. and Mrs. America” buy their first four door Chevrolet.

The Most Important Person: Do Something Nice (1972, Color)
What's so great about being nice? Two kids, a young white boy and a young black girl, ask a giant bird why he's cleaning someone's yard. The bird explains that helping others is a good thing. Well one of these kids is a little skeptical because really, what's so great about being nice?

Black Panthers: Liberation School – San Francisco New Lot 48 (1969, B+W)
Protest follows the killing of Bobby Hutton, featuring a multitude of male BP speakers. Also helping the cause: young mother's teaching the next generation how to be a revolutionary.
Curator Biography:
Christine Kwon is a writer, producer, and film curator. She served as the Festival Managing Director for the Center for Asian American Media, where she created the Student Delegate Program and produced the original comedy series Nice Girls Crew. She has taught film in the Ethnic Studies Department at UC Berkeley, and has curated programs for Oddball Film and Archive, the San Jose Museum of Art, and Ladyfest. She is currently producing the documentary Breathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story, and oversees content acquisition for the non-profit Public Media Company. 

About Ladyfest
Ladyfests are annual, non-profit events organised mainly by womyn; they feature bands, musical and political groups, lecturers, spoken word and visual artists, workshops and discussion groups and are organised purely by volunteers. The events are focused mainly on encouraging the talent of womyn and girls, and some workshops are womyn-only, so as to make them feel more comfortable, however, main music events and films/art exhibits are open to everyone.  Click here for more information and events.

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