Come Fly With Me! Fri. June 22 - 8PM

Oddball Films presents Come Fly With Me! - an evening of vintage travel films.  Let us whisk you away to exotic faraway places, to lands forgotten by time on modern, glamorous and sexy airplanes. Early travelogues in shimmering black and white, 1950s travel films in stunning Kodachrome color, and swinging sixties go-go holidays! Highlights include Pan Am’s World (1966); a trip to pre-revolution Cuba in Rhumba Holiday (1947); and bandleader Harry Owens stars in Polynesian Holiday (1955), a rare tongue-in-cheek island vacation short featuring the Oscar winning song “Sweet Leilani.” Pre-Laugh In Arte Johnson guides a jet-setting tour of 12 swinging locations in Delta Airlines promotional film Tempo Twelve (1964); take comic tour by Brooklynite Arthur Cohen in Brooklyn Goes To Paris (1956); and much more! 

Date: Friday, June 22nd, 2012 at 8:00PM.
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street, San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 - Limited seating RSVP to or 415-558-8117

Highlights Include: 

Pan Am’s World (Color, 1966)
Nicely produced promotional film from Pan Am showing destination highlights and in-flight service in perhaps the last era of glamorous air travel.

Tempo Twelve (Color, 1964)
Delta Airlines promotional film with pre-Laugh In Arte Johnson as a comic jetsetter. 12 different swinging locations are highlighted, including SF, LA, Vegas, Dallas(?) Jamaica, Puerto Rico, New Orleans and Washington DC. Remember when jet travel was this glamorous? Neither do we.

Polynesian Holiday (Color, 1955)
Filmed in stunning Kodachrome color, this rare short travelogue stars bandleader Harry Owens in a tongue-in-cheek island vacation, where he’s fanned and feted by beautiful native women. Harry established the “hapa haole” style of Hawaiian music (native music as interpreted by foreigners) and won an Oscar for his song “Sweet Leilani”.

Hawaii: State of Paradise (B+W, 1951)
Nice early 50’s tourism short on the yet-to-be-fully exploited/spoiled Waikiki. Great surfing shots and some Tiki/Luau action. 

Rhumba Holiday (B+W, 1947)
"Are you tired of wars and atomic bombs . . . ?"  The answer is a family trip to Cuba.  In Havana, the Presidential Palace and a message of welcome by President San Martin. Palm trees, the Morro Castle, fruit, Rio Cristal Gardens and swimming there.  The film ends with a hint of the nightlife at the end of the day.

Brooklyn Goes To Paris (B+W, 1956)
A comic tour by Brooklyn native Arthur Cohen who appears in the film as well and narrates in strong Brooklynese.  Everything is related to Brooklyn or the New York area.  He covers (and mispronounces) the Louvre, Champs Elysee, the airport, Place de l'Opera, Rue de la Paix, l'Etoile, Montmartre (and its artists), Place Pigalle, Moulin Rouge, an aerial view of Paris, Notre Dame cathedral, the Seine, the Left Bank (and its
painters), the Eiffel Tower, the University of Paris, nightclubs. 

Down Jamaica Way (Color, 1960)
Sponsored by BOAC Airlines, nice color and Limbo dancers!

Fun In Florida (B+W, 1947)
City gates of St. Augustine.  Castle San Marco, King's Treasury, winter quarters of the circus. Bathing-beauty contest on Miami Beach and slow motion diving.

Belles of the South Seas (B+W, 1946) 
Exploitation film masquerading as an educational, anthropological overview of South Seas tribal culture. 

Some More of Somoa (B+W, 1941)
Starring the 3 Stooges, a sensitive portrayal of island tribal culture.  Acting as tree surgeons, the trio head to the island of Rhum Boogie in search of a rare specimen-and find Cannibals, angry alligators and plenty of hi-jinx!

PLUS- vintage travel and airline commercials!