Strange Sinema 61: One Sexy Valentine - Thur. Feb. 14 - 8PM

Oddball Films presents Strange Sinema 61: One Sexy Valentine, oddities from the Oddball Archives featuring new finds, buried junk, weird smut and miscellaneous moving image mayhem. In a sexy (and sexual!) toast to Valentine's Day, we’ve discovered some eye-popping and scintillating shorts. From the screwball sexual psychedelia of Ego (1970) by famed Italian animator Bruno Bozzetto to Octopussy, a double screen undersea sexcapade this program is sure to stimulate your senses.  Films include the legendary sex and drug-laced short Minnie the Moocher (1932), starring Betty Boop and Cab Calloway; Red Hot Red Riding Hood (1943) the rare animated short featuring a stripping red riding hood, a nymphomaniac granny and a big bad wolf; Burlesque Screen Tests and Dancers (1950s), featuring Bunny Spencer’s screen test, a rooftop mambo and a masked Afro-Cuban dancer with a bowl of fire on her head; The Groping Hand (1968), a homoerotic slice of life in San Francisco’s North Beach in the swingin’ sixties; VD Attack Plan, (1973), a hilarious Di$ney produced “war against VD” film narrated by Keenan Wynn; a double screen projection of  the Danish produced Physiological Responses of the Sexually Stimulated Male and Female in the Laboratory (1970s); Baby Puss (1943), a cross-dressing Tom and Jerry Cartoon; ratpacker Peter Lawford’s Western Union Candygram (1972) commercial; the infamous vegetable-laced animated porn short Sandy Sunrise in the Babysitter (1971) with music by the Beach Boys(!) and Octopussy, another double screen undersea sexcapade! Plus! Trashy erotic trailers like Kinkorama, House of Kinky Pleasures and juicy erotic out takes from the 1983 film adult feature Obsession!

Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 8:00PM.
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street, San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 RSVP Only to: 415-558-8117 or programming Adults only-no kids!

*Physiological Responses of the Sexually Stimulated
Male and Female in the Laboratory
(Color, added sound,1970s, Double screen projection)
Reducing sexuality to a science these two films explore the biological responses of human sexual arousal in males and females in this anatomically explicit Danish experiment. Watch the stimulation and witness the results!

Baby Puss (Color, 1943)
Produced by the legendary team of Hanna and Barbera. Poor cat Tom! Not only does his young owner insist on dressing him like a baby, but he also has to bear the humiliation of being spotted by his cat friends. And Jerry can't believe his good fortune when he spies his foe in diapers and a bib. A raucous cross-dressing Tom and Jerry cartoon! 

Candygram (Color, 1972) former ratpacker and Kennedy family lizard Peter Lawford delivers this Western Union Candygram commercial with a straight face. Delicious chocolate for lovers!

Minnie The Moocher (B+W, 1932)
All time classic featuring Cab Calloway and his Orchestra (seen live briefly at the beginning), Betty Boop and Bimbo. A happening song with thinly veiled sex and drug references: Minnie she meets up with a pimp, the king of Sweden, who gives her “somethin she was needin'”…then gets caught up with a pot headed coke-sniffing junkie who teaches her how to "kick the gong" (mainline heroin).

Sandy Sunrise in The Baby Sitter (Color, 1971)
This raunchy and bizarre(!) animated adult XXX explores the adventures of a babysitter and vegetables! Produced by Warped Imaginations (A Cum Stained Cartoon) featuring music from the classic Beach Boys Smiley Smile album!

Red Hot Riding Hood (Color, 1943)
This sensual adaptation liberates its characters from their Di$ney-style forest and slaps them in the middle of swanky Manhattan. Grandma's a nymphomaniac swinger, and her rustic cottage home a hip penthouse pad. Little Red has become a red-hot singer-stripper; the Wolf is a model of lupine lechery; and the forest is supplanted by a big-city nightclub as the enchanted place of forbidden sexuality. The Wolf tries to pull the old Red Riding Hood gag in order to meet up with Little Red, but Grandma has other ideas.
Burlesque Screen Tests and Dancers (B+W, 1950s)
Watch these “Screen tests” and super-quirky burlesque dancers get way-out and weird. Shorts feature Bunny Spencer modeling the “stockings of tomorrow”, Barbara Nichols doing a Latin Mambo on a rooftop and “Afro-Cuban Genni”, masked and dancing with a bowl of fire on her head. Now that’s burlesque!

Ego (Color, 1970)
Brilliant animation by Italy’s Bruno Bozzetto (of the cult favorite Mr. Rossi series)- starts with traditional comic-style animation until the factory-working family man goes to sleep and unleashes his subconscious thoughts sending him into a psychedelic battleground of chaos and erotic desire.  Utilizes a number of animation styles including optical printing and pop art imagery. Wild soundtrack by the ultra-lounge master Franco Godi!

The Groping Hand (Color, 1968)
This bizarre slice of homo erotica was shot in San Francisco’s North Beach in the heyday of free love. A hunky male gets all revved up gazing at the live sex show signs and clubs on Broadway when he’s beckoned in by a female hand. Once inside he cuts loose, “stripping” his time away to down and dirty soul music.

VD Attack Plan (Technicolor, 1973)
“Yes, it’s true. Walt D*sney Productions has made a significant contribution to the war against venereal disease. VD Attack Plan – A fully animated Walt D*sney 16mm motion picture” states the brochure accompanying this 16mm educational film. VD Attack Plan had some forward thinking and enlightening approaches (not just for D*sney but everyone else producing this type of film in 1973) to the subject of sexually transmitted diseases including promotion of condoms (instead of abstinence) and the fact that VD can be spread through same sex couplings.  This “war against disease “ film doesn’t miss a beat-even showcasing some of the graphic effects of the disease in action. Hilarious and in brilliant Technicolor, just like you’d want it to be!

*Octopussy (Color and B+W, 1960s, double screen projection)
An erotic, double projection undersea erotic escapade!

*Double Screen projections

Plus! Weird smut, tantalizing trailers like Kinkorama, House of Kinky Pleasures and juicy erotic outtakes!