Learn Your Lesson...Oral Exam - Chew on the Shockucation! - Fri. Apr. 10th - 8PM

Oddball Films and curator Kat Shuchter present Learn Your Lesson...Oral Exam: Chew on the Shockucation, the 25th in a monthly series of programs highlighting the most ridiculous, insane and camptastic educational films, mental hygiene primers and TV specials of the collection. This month, we're going to the dentist with a tasty mouthful of insane dental hygiene shorts.  While you may think dental hygiene might be a dry subject; the puppets, clowns, claymation teeth, cartoon hippies, monkeys and psychedelic rabbits in this show should prove otherwise! Get ready for one swingin' party with The Munchers (1973), a groovy oral hygiene rock opera featuring a mouthy bandstand of claymation teeth.  Oddball favorite, Toothache of the Clown (1971) is one bad acid-trip to the dentist when children pull yarn and candy of a clown's rotten molars. A human-sized mouth puppet learns the ins and outs of dental hygiene when Big Mouth Goes to the Dentist (1979).  Woody Allen, in a mini-episode of Hot Dog answers the age old question How Do They Make Toothpaste? (1970) Caesar Romero (The Joker from the 1960's Batman) will scare you into flossing in the strange and spooky The Haunted Mouth (1974). Two cartoon stoners encounter a creepy psychedelic bunny-girl in an early edition of Tooth Truth with Harv and Marv (1976), Plus! Preventative Dentistry in B Sharp (1975), It's Dental Flossophy Ch@rlie Brown (1979), the entirely unsexy intro to a couple's film on better fellatio from The Center for Marital & Sexual Studies #17: Oral Pleasuring (don't worry, nothing graphic), Vintage Toothpaste Commercials,  dental door prizes and more!  

Date: Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 8:00pm
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to RSVP@oddballfilm.com or (415) 558-8117
Web: http://oddballfilms.blogspot.com


Toothache of The Clown (Color, 1971)
Made to assuage children’s fears of the dentist, this film manages to combine nothing but the creepiest elements into one terrifying mind-scratcher. Hallucinating from pain, or laughing gas, this clown has surreal nightmares of children dressed as dental technicians pulling arts and crafts out of the insides of other children dressed as decaying teeth. This is one “trip” to the dentist you won’t want to miss.

Big Mouth Goes to the Dentist (Color, 1979)
If you are nothing but a giant mouth puppet with legs, you had better make sure your teeth aren't yellow and your breath doesn't stink, but Big Mouth has got better things to do than deal with dental hygiene.  Hopefully, Dr. Jules can set Big Mouth on the right path so he can share his giant pearly whites with everyone!

The Munchers (Color, 1973)

Like the California Raisins of Oral Hygiene, The Munchers is a trippy, psychedelic rockucational film for all tastes. Dancing and singing on some kind of a mouthy bandstand, the Munchers fall victim to the Pusherman Jack Sweet, a masked demon that has an endless supply of delicious candy. Can the peg-legged, metal-skulled old toothman convince the young Munchers to stay clean and candy free? If not him, then maybe the conga-line of anthropomorphic healthy foods can do the trick.

Tooth Truth with Harv and Marv (Color, 1976)

The animated stoners, Harv and Marv want to get to the root of dental hygiene, but it takes a girl in a terrifying rabbit costume with enormous eye-lashes to set them on the right path! Good thing they are miniature (and cartoons) so they can spy on boys and girls as they wash up for bed (nothing creepy about that!). An earlier edition than the Rifftrax short.

It's Dental Flossophy Ch@rlie Brown (Color, 1979)
This American Dental Association film features Charlie Brown and the Pe@nuts Gang.  Lucy teaches Charlie and Snoopy how to floss their teeth properly.

Healthy Teeth (Color, 1960s)
Come along as we learn great dental habits with the perfect American nuclear family...and their pet monkey! See as the monkey learns to brush and floss, but also as he plays and sleeps next to the children, eats with the family and gets to go to the dentist. I wonder if that's sanitary?

Hot Dog - How Do They Make Toothpaste (Color, 1970)
Woody Allen, Jonathan Winters, and Jo-Ann Worley are back again with more silly and serious answers do you burning questions about that ubiquitous minty goo and where it comes from.

The Haunted Mouth (Color, 1974) Veteran actor Caesar Romero stars as “The Spectre of Plaque”  in The Haunted Mouth, an oral hygiene scare film produced for the classroom by the American Dental Association. 

Curator’s Biography
Kat Shuchter is a graduate of UC Berkeley in Film Studies. She is a filmmaker, artist and esoteric film hoarder.  She has helped program shows at the PFA, The Nuart and Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater and was crowned “Found Footage Queen” of Los Angeles, 2009.

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