America the Strange - Thurs. July 5 - 8PM

Oddball Films present America The Strange. An evening of odd Americana on film, this program highlights the most masterful animations, campy educationals and downright bizarre safety films in Oddball Films 50,000 reel collection. Featuring: Vince Collins' supremely psychedelic animated tribute to our nation's bicentennial 200 (1975); precursor to Super Size Me and Food Inc., All American Meal (1976) is a little gem of an educational that warns of the dangers of processed food; and a kooky safety film starring a fire puppet (!) Fireworks (1970s). Peter Fonda in his trademark Captain America helmet narrates and stars with the quintessential American Evel Knievel in Not So Easy (1973) - a "hip" motorcycle safety film; comedy where you least expect it in Sewage Treatment Workers (1970) an entertain short focusing on 3 New York sewage workers, their unusual job and how they get through the day; and  The Star Spangled Banner with vintage meat, bbq, beer and junk food commercials, and some tributes to recently departed American icons. Plus! An American Time Capsule (1968), 200 years of American history in 3 minutes, and much more American mayhem!

Date: Thursday, July 5, 2012 at 8:00PM.
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 RSVP only to or 415-558-8117


Not So Easy (Color, 1973)
Peter Fonda, with his trademark Captain America helmet, narrates and stars with that quintessential American Evel Knievel in this “hip” motorcycle safety film. Super heavy/anonymous acid rock soundtrack accompanies some trick riding and jumps along with more sedate riding along the PCH in Santa Monica. Some choice lines from Evel: “If I look like I’m rigging up for a trip into outer space, you’re right… they’ve saved a lot of hide, especially in accidents like mine”.

Sewage Treatment Workers  (Color, 1970)
Part of the Dignity in Work series, this entertaining short focuses on 3 very New York sewage workers, their unusual jobs and how they get through the day: with a lot of humor. “One thing- the wife never asks me what I did today”, says one of the men.  The lost dentures story should keep you flossing regularly…

All American Meal (Color, 1976)
Long before “Super Size Me” and the just-released “Food Inc.”, this little gem of an educational film warned of the dangers of the burger, fries and a coke diet that Americans are still hooked on.

Fireworks  (Color, 1970’s)
Educational safety film featuring a bizarre Sid and Marty Krofft-style fire puppet and lots of cool vintage fireworks.

200 (Color, 1975)
Vince Collin’s supremely psychedelic animated celebration of our nation’s bicentennial, sponsored by the United States Information Agency.  They just don’t make ‘em like this anymore.  But then again, not as many LSD-inspired animators make it through the grant process. Check out his bizarre Myspace page at: and you’ll see what we mean.

American Time Capsule (Color/b+w, 1968)
Chuck Braverman presents the history of the United States up to 1968 in 3 minutes, utilizing a montage of 1300 images set to the music of Sandy Nelson’s Beat That Drum.
PLUS! The Star Spangled Banner with a full marching band, vintage meat, bbq and junk food commercials, a tribute to some recently departed American icons and more!