Oddball's Vintage Valentine - Love, Sex and VD - Fri. Feb. 13 - 8PM

Oddball Films presents Oddball's Vintage Valentine - Love, Sex and VD, a night of 16mm mental hygiene shorts, VD scare films and sensuous ephemera to get your Valentines weekend off to a strange and sexy start.  Dating Do's and Don'ts (1949) will teach you how to pick the right girl for your teen carnival and how to have the squeaky-clean time of your teenaged life. And girls can learn how not to be sluts, but still treat a boy to a real nice time in Are You Popular? (1947). One soldier is all ready for his furlough, until he meets the wrong dame and ends up with the clap in the newly unearthed WWII army VD training film The Pick-Up (1944). We'll examine whether those enthralling pangs of early love will lead to a happy marriage or devastation in Is This Love?(1957). Find all about wet dreams and unexpected hard-ons in Am I Normal? A Film about Male Puberty (1979).  We've got two sexy soundies: one boy's mom has a lot of strange men over to the house while his dad's away in The Man That Comes Around (1940) from the Music with Spice series and Count Basie is begging (in song) to Take Me Back Baby (1940). Dracula is a groovy pimp in Vegas with a brothel full of vampire hookers in an insane excerpt of Ray Dennis Steckler's The Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire (1971). Plus tons of Burlesque, Double Projected Smut and more sexy surprises!

Date: Friday, February 13th, 2015 at 8:00pm 
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to RSVP@oddballfilm.com or (415) 558-8117
Web: http://oddballfilms.blogspot.com

Highlights Include:

Dating Do’s and Don’ts (Color, 1949) 
Long recognized as one of the campiest educational films ever made, this fun how-do guide follows clueless Woody’s quest to ask fun girl Ann (pronounced here as “Ay-yun”) out on a date. The narrator guides him through choosing a girl, how to ask her out, and proper etiquette at the Hi-Teen carnival. There’s a lot to be learned in this short film, namely, you don’t need to send flowers unless it’s a ritzy occasion, and never kiss on a first date!

Music with Spice - The Man that Comes Around (B+W, 1940s)
A teenage boy sings about all the men that come over to the house after his father leaves for work, while his philandering mother preens herself in the mirror in this scandalous soundie.

Am I Normal? A Film about Male Puberty (Color, 1979)
"In this job I see a lot of penises"
It's the companion piece to Oddball favorite "Dear Diary: A Film about Female Puberty", but this one is all for the boys!  Is it normal to think about sex all the time? Are these inexplicable hard-ons and nocturnal emissions just part of puberty, or are you some kind of freak?  Are the other boys going through these same kinds of changes? Can you learn anything important from a book titled "Great Moments in Sex"?   Find out all that and more when one pubescent boy dares ask every adult he knows "Am I Normal?"  Well, Billy, the answer is yes and no...

The Pick-Up (B+W, 1944)
Watch out for loose women at the dance hall, soldier, you might miss your furlough before you ship out!  A WWII army training film on the horrors of venereal disease. Corporal John Green is anxiously awaiting his furlough when he meets a dame he thinks is a "nice girl" until he ends up with with a nasty dose of the clap.  Looks like he'll be heading to the infirmary instead of on vacation!  

Are You Popular? (B+W, 1947) 
Watch misplaced gender roles in this all-time favorite “mental hygiene” howler. Women (who are portrayed as princesses or sluts) must "repay" boys for entertaining them with milk and cookies, and are complimented on their observance of social graces. "Look at you, all ready and right on time too; that's a good deal," says Wally to Caroline.

The Mad Love Life of a Hot Vampire (Color, 1971, excerpt)

A bizarro piece of sexploitation from the infamous Ray Dennis Steckler (using a pseudonym, of course).  Dracula has set up castle in none other than Las Vegas and he sends his lady-vamps out on the town as high-class working girls, and blood isn't all they're sucking!

Plus! Double-Projected Vintage Smut!

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