Vintage Halloween Hullabaloo - Fri. Oct. 30th - 8PM

Oddball Films presents Vintage Halloween Hullabaloo, a program of vintage 16mm films to get us in the mood for All Hallows' Eve with cartoons, ridiculous educational films, giant genitalia costumes, Satanic smut, witches, ghouls and made-for-tv terrors. Di$ney teaches us the history, mystery and danger of this ghoulish night with the narrator from the Haunted Mansion and his classic cartoon pals in Di$ney's Haunted Halloween (1984). Halloween Safety (1985) gives us valuable lessons about awesome robot costumes, horrible face makeup and of course, tainted candy. One man heads out to the Halloween parade in Greenwich Village dressed like a real dick in Halloweenie (1986, print courtesy of the Jenni Olson Queer Archive).  The Occult: X-Factor or Fraud? (1973) examines the groovy Woodstock-era resurgence of the dark arts. Witchcraft’s time-tested power is pitted against Woody Woodpecker's madcap cartoon mojo in Witch Crafty (1955). With a rockin' musical break, featuring some interpretive-dancing spectres in an Old-West ghost town from John Byner's Something Else (1970) and the dancing witches of Ida Lupino's La Strega and one of our very favorite cartoons: Betty Boop teams up with Cab Calloway for one spooky night in Minnie the Moocher (1932). Plus, a coffin full of Horror Movie Trailers, Sweet Treats, Scary Surprises and more!

Date: Friday, October 30th, 2015 at 8:00pm
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 Limited Seating RSVP to or (415) 558-8117

Highlights Include:

Halloween Safety (Color, 1985) 
Using a poorly animated Jack o’lantern and the simplest English possible, the perils of All Hallows Eve are trotted out to teach kids that there’s no way they’ll be safe without a grown-up. Designed to insult anyone over the age of 4, this gem will have you reaching for a razorblade apple in no time.

Halloweenie (1986, Color, print courtesy of the Jenni Olson Archive)
A ridiculous mini-doc about Bill Daughton and his creation of a six-foot penis costume at the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village, New York.  See Daughton dressed up in the giant penis costume, walking around campus, catching the subway, and chatting with people about the costume on his way to the Halloween Parade. People come up and lick the costume, or even kiss it.  At the end of the parade, Daughton ceremoniously throws the costume in the Hudson and watches it float away. 
Minnie The Moocher (B+W, 1932)
All time classic Fleischer Brothers cartoon featuring Cab Calloway and his Orchestra (seen live briefly at the beginning), Betty Boop and Bimbo. Betty runs away from home and runs across a swinging cavalcade of skeletons, ghosts and witches.  The happening song contains thinly veiled sex and drug references: Minnie she meets up with a pimp, the king of Sweden, who gives her “somethin she was needin'”…then gets caught up with a pot headed coke-sniffing junkie who teaches her how to "kick the gong" (mainline heroin). One of the best cartoons of the Oddball collection.
The Occult: X-Factor or Fraud  (Color, 1973)
X-Factor or Fraud presents us with self-styled mystical types ranging from earnest believers to hucksters, served up with a generous sprinkling of cheese. It's hippie chic meets old-style hag-tastic, with the motley bunch weighing in all things otherworldly. This camp fest is graced by the grandeur of talk-show-hopping superstar sorceress, Sybil Leek.

Witch Crafty  (Color, 1955)
Woody Woodpecker's animated anarchy versus witchcraft, what a battle! When a passing witch-in-distress stiffs Woody for the price of a broomstick, our feathered friend employs a bag of cartoon world tricks a witch could never dream of in order to get the crone to cough up his dime.  Any guesses who wins?

D*sney’s Haunted Halloween
(Color, 1984) 
Goofy learns the history and traditions of All Hallows' Eve and some of the modern-day dangers he might face on this creepy night, all illustrated by classic animation from the ol’ mousey studio. Also contains some live action and scenes (as well as the spooky narrator) from the Haunted Mansion.

The Devil  (B+W, circa 1920’s, silent, excerpt)
Silent smut from France! It's just another picnic dans le foret for a sextet of tender nymphs, scampering and splashing au naturel in a gentle stream. That's until les juenes filles are interrupted in their frolics by the theatrically turned out Horned One, who might just have escaped from a Méliès short. The usual stag film action ensues, but the vintage beauty of this sex film makes it a devilish winner.

For the Early Birds:

Trick or Treat (1969, Color) 
A cheese-filled educational primer about the effects of vandalism set on Halloween. Pete's cowboy outfit is too small now. He has really outgrown trick-or-treating. But his pal Sandy has talked him into one last fling. Pete's dad extracts a promise that the boys will commit no mischief, and things just get worse from there.  And how!

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