PAST FUTURE NOW! - Thurs. May 3rd and Fri. May 4th - 8PM

Christine Lucy Latimer: The Virtues of Fusion
Oddball Films proudly presents PAST FUTURE NOW! Films from the PAST have been selected by curator/artist Ashley Lauren Saks, that are about the FUTURE, which is NOW. Beginning with these 1970s and 80s film clips selected from the Oddball Film Archive (San Francisco) selected artists created video reactions/responses to them. This delicately curated program is meant to take the viewer through a journey from the Past to the Present to the
Future and back again. 

The program includes commissioned videos by artists:
Daniela Anastassiou & Miles Martinez, Jeanne Finley, Dan Gilsdorf & Bean Gilsdorf, Sasha Krieger, Christine Lucy Latimer, Christian McKay, Ranu Mukherjee, and Doug Garth Williams.

Christian McKay: Zobeide
Featuring Film Excerpts from:

Future Shock, 1972 // A documentary film narrated by Orson Wells, based on
the Futurist book by Alvin Toffler.
Robotics: the Future is Now, 1984 // Hosted by William Shatner
Computer Dreams, 1989 *VHS // An anthology of computer graphics and
digital effects.
Visions Of The Future, 1970s // A 3 part film montage by Richard Whittaker
involving predictions for future lifestyles, juxtaposed against “evil
environmental horrors of today.”
Signal Syntax, 1983 // An amateur film short about “death by computers”
Ethics in the Computer Age 1984 // Dramatic vignettes addressing the
consequences of software piracy and hacking.

Dates: Thursday, May 3rd / Friday, May 4th, 2012 @ 8pm
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 - Limited Seating RSVP to or (415) 558-8117


Daniela Anastassiou & Miles Martinez //
Film: Computer Dreams
Video: Hyperflux Scan

"An A.I. prototype is beamed to Earth to gather data concerning a warp core rupture. It
uses advanced devices and subconscious associations to analyze the flow of the
multiple dimensions of this planet."

Jeanne Finley //
(Summarizing participant)
Video: Astronaut Dreams

“This film explores the construction of idealized worlds through the advertising and
propaganda films of the time, and traces the collapse of a collective dreaming space.”
--Jeanne Finley

Dan Gilsdorf & Bean Gilsdorf //
Film: Ethics in the Computer Age: Part 1
Video: Pirates

“We re-examine the didactic lessons of the source material in light of the technological,
cultural, and legal developments that have occurred in the intervening years, and skewer
the supposed benevolence of corporate-sponsored educational propaganda.”
--Dan Gilsdorf & Bean Gilsdorf

Sasha Krieger //
Film: Visions Of The Future: Part 2
Video: Memories of the Future

"Exploring the automobile as a idealistic and flawed embodiment of modernist ideals.”
--Sasha Krieger

Christine Lucy Latimer //
Film: Visions Of The Future: Part 3
Video: The Virtues of Fusion

“Audio and video signals are processed through a "past-futuristic" circuit-bent analog
video modulator to create esoteric by-product layers that compound the source material
with new artifacts not of this world.” - Christine Lucy Latimer

Christian McKay //
Film: Robotics: the Future is Now
Video: Zobeide

"They tell this tale of its foundation: men of various nations had an identical dream."
-- Italo Calvino

Ranu Mukherjee //
Film: Future Shock
Video: Picture by Triplets

“The infinite creative spirit of our youngest is the best response I can find to the
doomsday prognosis 'futureshock' leveled at my generation. May they exceed and
deeply contradict Alvin Toffler's worst fears.” – Ranu Mukherjee

-images and sounds by Sunil, Simone and Lelio Mukherjee Maurillo -age 5
(with Orson Welles 1972)
-sound design and mix by Mike Maurillo
-picture edit by Ranu Mukherjee

Doug Garth Williams //
Film: Visions Of The Future: Part 1
Video: Four Generations

"Let's take a look at four generations living together."– From Four Generations

Artist Unknown //
Film: Signal Syntax
Video: N/A

"Another violent death at computer keyboards has occurred.” –From Signal Syntax

Curatorʼ s Biography
Ashley Lauren Saks is a graduate of California College of the Artsʼ Media Art Masters program.
She is a video / performance artist, digital art educator, and independent curator in the Bay area. Her art explores memory, family dynamics, social boundaries, and the passing of time. Besides visual art, Ashley spends time playing music with the San Francisco based band, Micro Mtns ( and likes to climb trees.