Sexiest Strange Sinema - Sat. Feb 25 - 8PM

Oddball Films presents Sexiest Strange Sinema. This 49th installment of Oddball Films’ monthly legendary and award winning Strange Sinema series spotlights sex in cinema - from risqué to raunchy, from blatant sexual excess to sublime sensuality. Highlights from the program include Seaside Films nudie cutie Sadie the Sunbather (1940s), camp trailers for films like White Mama, Black Mama (1973), The Stewardesses (1969) and the rare Dennis Hopper trailer for his orgy filled hippie love film American Dreamer (1971) (Hopper destroyed all existing prints), erotic tidbits from the Best of the New York Erotic Film Festival (1960s-70s), Bubble/Fan dancer Sally Rand’s Artist Model (1950s), sexy commercials like the Felliniesque spot for Jeno’s Pizza Rolls, and an inside look at Fredericks of Hollywood 70s style! Also, Bay Area sex starlet Annette Haven stars in a sizzling segment from legendary adult director Radley Metzger’s Barbara Broadcast (1977), 1950s Cheese Nappers, burlesques beauties and the classic Soundie Texas Strip that inspired Devo to “Whip it Good!” Plus! A very rare color reel of vintage Russ Meyer-inspired smut presented by special guest, smut collector, archivist and founder of Zampano’s Playhouse, Albert Steg from Cambridge MA. Strange Sinema is a monthly screening of offbeat films, old gems and newly discovered oddities both entertaining, experimental and eye-opening, all culled from Oddball Films 50,000+ film archive. 

Date: Saturday, February 25th at 8:00PM
Venue: Oddball Films, 275 Capp Street, and San Francisco
Admission: $10.00 - Limited Seating RSVP to or 415.558.8117.

Don't Miss Albert Steg's Screening Sex in the Shadows Thursday, February 23rd at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. 


Barbara Broadcast (Color, 1977, Reel 2)
Having established himself as a successful XXX director under the name Henry Paris, Radley Metzger quickly followed up his groundbreaking The Opening of Misty Beethoven with Barbara Broadcast, an attempt to fuse lavish visuals and sharp wit with down and dirty sex scenes. The Bunuelian sex restaurant backdrop for the film provides a novel idea for an adult film that’s too good to last. Any semblance of a plot is purely accidental which is great for this program since we only have the last (well worn) reel of this classic adult film. Plenty of late 70s pumping disco sounds with adult “themed” music cut to some creative erotic action. With Bay Area Starlet Annette Haven, CJ. Laing, Constance Money, Wade Nichols and the infamous Jamie Gillis)

Buried Treasure (B+W, 1928)
The Granddaddy of pornographic cartoons, persistent rumors suggest that Max Fleischer (Betty Boop and others), Paul Terry (of TerryToons) and Budd Fisher (Mutt & Jeff) were responsible for this bawdy masterpiece  The film follows the travails of the uncomfortably well-endowed title character as he wanders a barren landscape in search of satisfaction. Along the way, he encounters a self-pleasuring maiden, various sexually aroused animals, a surprised husband, and a cow-humping farmer, whom Harton challenges to a duel. A penis duel!

Ego (Color, 1970)
Brilliant animation by Italy’s Bruno Bozzetto (of the cult favorite Mr. Rossi series)- starts with traditional comic-style animation until the factory-working family man goes to sleep and unleashes his subconscious thoughts sending him into a psychedelic battleground of chaos and erotic desire.  Utilizes a number of animation styles including optical printing and pop art imagery. Wild soundtrack by the ultra-lounge master Franco Godi!

Sadie the Sunbather (1940s) A titillating soft-core “nudie cutie” by Seaside films 

Trashy Trailers! (Color, 1960s and 1970s) Sexual exploitation trailers like “Black Mama, White Mama”, “The Stewardesses” and erotic tidbits from the “Best of the New York Erotic Film Festival” (60s and 70s).